Reverse /Re-Engineering

Reverse / Re-engineering

Merritt team With 300 person-years of experience, the Merritt team has successfully executed the reverse engineering of more than 1000 components in Aerospace, Automotive, IIoT, Consumer goods and Industrial products.

Our expertise in reverse engineering enables customers to explore design reuse opportunities, product cost optimization, and better functions and features at a quicker turnaround time.

We generate complete engineering details about the product, such as geometric dimensions, 3D CAD models, material specifications, and surface/heat treatment details, microstructures, assemblies, mechanisms, BOM and detailed manufacturing drawings.

Hands on experience

Tear down analysis of the assemblies

100 % product data capturing on form fit and functions and BOM

Digital 3D model of close 99% accuracy

Data capture of kinematic positions of intricate mechanisms

Non destructive methodologies for data capturing like CT scan, radiography, ultrasonic test, magnetic particle, electronic microscope and gear measurement

Inhouse metrology laboratory

Reverse / Re-engineering process

Rail Transportation

The traditional asset intensive global rail industry is going through a renaissance where digital automation, smart enablement and data analytics are being leveraged to provide agility, flexibility and interactivity while reducing costs. We empower OEMs and operators to achieve these objectives and improve safety, reliability, communication and efficiency with our leading-edge digital solutions.

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