Reverse / Re-engineering

Reverse / Re-engineering

Merritt Innovative Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (Merritt)

Merritt team with of 300 man years of experience, has successfully executed reverse engineering of over 1000 parts of domains Aerospace, Automotive, consumer goods, Industrial products.

Experience in regenerating digital models from existing physical products. Our expertise in reverse engineering enables customers to explore design reuse opportunities, product cost optimization by imposing dramatic design changes to improve the product characteristics.

We generate complete engineering details about the product such as geometric dimensions, 3D CAD models, assemblies, mechanism, BOM and detailed manufacturing drawings.

Value additions from Merritt

  • 1. Tear down analysis of the assemblies
  • 2. 100 % product data capturing on form fit and functional aspects with 100% reproduceable and BOM
  • 3. Digital 3D model of close 99% accuracy
  • 4. Data capture of Kinematic position of intricate mechanisms
  • 5. Non destructive methodologies for data capturing like CT scan, radiography, ultrasonic test, Magnetic particle, Electronic microscope, Gear measurement,
  • 6. Quick project turnout engineering expertise in teardown and reverse
  • 7. Inhouse metrology tools

Reverse / Re-engineering process