• Heavy Equipments

    We offers expertise solutions for design and development of various products such as motor graders, dump trucks, excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, dozers, compactors, towing tractors, cranes, hydraulic lifting platforms and farm equipments.

  • Industrial Products

    Merritt team is well equipped to execute design challenges from machine tools, industrial products, material handling products and automation industries. Team has experience in design of special purpose machines, industrial products like pumps, valv....

Merritt brings in decades of experience in offering innovative, value added and cost effective design and engineering solutions for product development and plant engineering. We offer comprehensive range of services at every stage of product design and development for Heavy Equipments, Industrial Products, Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Our domain expertise in structures, chassis, axles, brakes, gears, bearings, hydraulics systems and electrical systems helps customers to design complex and innovative products. Our plant engineering team has expertise in developing virtual plant layout, process planning, flow simulation, structural & civil engineering, piping and electrical design and detailing.

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